Massage Therapy & Bodywork at Metta Day Spa

 Massage is recognized as being able to make a big difference in a person's overall wellness and healing process. 

Today doctors and pain specialists know that it offers much more than relaxation. It increases circulation, flexibility, and can have a great affect on the recovery rate of injuries, e.g., sports injuries. It can reduce muscular pain and tension, stress and give relieve from headaches.

Integrative Massage
Designed to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, increase circulation & improve skin & muscle tone. Our massage treatments are customized to meet the needs of each client using a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pressure Point, Myo-fascial release, and Relaxation techniques.

          30 minutes
          45 minutes


          60 minutes

          90 minutes                                     $105    

Hot Stone Massage
This luxurious & relaxing massage will leave you feeling euphoric! Smooth, basalt lava stones are warmed & used to massage the body. The heat & pressure of the stones penetrates into the muscle tissue inducing a deep relaxation.

          75 minutes                                          


Thai Massage
Thai massage is an amazing synthesis of many techniques: leaning pressure, reflexology, energy line work, blood stopping, stretchng, and yoga. The work is done on a mat on the floor, and the client is fully dressed in loose fitted clothing.

          60 minutes

          90 minutes                                                   


Pregnancy Massage
This specialty massage focuses on the many areas pregnant women experience discomfort. Special attention is given to the head, neck & shoulders, lower back, glutes, legs, and feet. A Physician’s permission recommended.

          60 minutes                     



Foot Relexology
The physical act of applying pressure to the feet with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of lotion on "reflex points" that relate to specific organs and glands in the body.
          60 minutes                                                          $80.00  

Facelift Massage
Aside from being extremely soothing and relaxing;this massage focuses on toning and firming the muscles of the face. One can expect the following results if this treatment is received regularly: *Decrease in bags under the eyes *Firmer cheeks and jaw line *Neck appears smoother *Naso-labial fold lines soften *Skin looks smoother and more toned *Youthful glow

          60 minutes                                                               


Deep Tissue add-on
          0 minutes                                                                           $10.00


thai massage




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