Organic Skin Care

Treat yourself to an award winning organic skin care line, "Eminence Organic Skin Care", that delivers beautiful results using organic products bursting with juicy pulp, seeds and herbs.

Feel good about feeding your skin all natural products without harsh chemicals or parabens. Eminence addresses a variety of skin concerns such as premature aging and wrinkling, sun damage, and loss of vitality, tone and radiance. Select a customized Eminence facial specifically created to suit your skin needs and let the active ingredients impart health and beauty to your skin.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial (Highly recommended for those with oily or congested skin)
This facial offers a great exfoliation, hydration and a deep-deep pore cleanse using tangy fruits and healing herbs. This treatment will keep your skin smooth and healthy preventing future breakouts and congestion.

     60 minutes                                                          



Brighten & Lighten Up Facial! (Highly recommended for uneven skin tone or for those who are smokers or have recently traveled.)
With bits of parsley and cucumber layered under an herbal paprika treatment, the blood's circulation is stimulated increasing the skin's absorption of oxygen. This natural process brightens, clarifies and evens the skin tone with an organic touch. Fresh pulps from the stone crop cactus plant are then worked into the skin for its capacity to attract water and its healing properties to soothe and revitalize.

     60 minutes                     



Out with the Red Facial! ( For sensitive, rosacea or acne skin types or those lacking vitamin C )
Fresh rosehip has a naturally rich content of Vitamin C and it encapsulates the ability to restore the skin's balance, reduce inflammation and redness and provide high anti-oxidant protection. Rosehips are crushed into a creamy texture with fresh corn flour to gently exfoliate the skin followed by extracts of menthol and rosehip to deliver a cooling sensation that revitalizes and calms. To complete this organic delight, a creamy layer of crushed carrots, vanilla and vitamins are applied, selected for your skin's delicate needs..

      60 minutes                                                                



Age Corrective (Repair the visible signs of aging with this facial!)
Take your skin on a collagen boosting retreat toparadise with coconut, bamboo and Tahitian flowers to renew and replenish your complexion. An exclusive clinically-proven Natural Retinol Alternative Complex, made with chicory root oligosaccharides and tara tree gum, and revolutionary PhytoCellTec™ Swiss Green Apple stem cell technology lift and tighten skin, erase wrinkles and crow’s feet, and increase collagen for skin that appears, and acts, naturally ageless.

Very Appealing … Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating Facial (This facial delivers the kind of results you expect from a medical grade peel)
This facial delivers the kind of results you expect from a medical grade peel, while still enhancing the health of your skin and protecting the integrity of this important organ. It's even safe to use during pregnancy! Awaken your skin’s inner beauty with this Organic facial that targets aging, uneven skin tone, as well as sensitive, rosacea and acne prone skin. This innovative 3-step peel and peptide system will give your skin a completely fresh start…Exfoliate. Activate. Illuminate!Best results are seen with a series of professional treatments once per month, supported by home care.

     30 minutes



     Series of 4 Treatments                                             



Body Treatments

Chocolate & Roses Body Facial

Organically grown, handpicked fruits, herbs, and flowers are chosen specifically for this sensory experience. The body is gently exfoliated, then massaged with a mixture of Organic Cocoa and Sweet Red Rose Petals, resulting in smooth luxurious skin.  Honeydew Body Lotion is a unique finishing touch that will remind you of the sweetness of nature.  This treatment pairs well with the Organic with Results Facial.

Organic Coconut Body Scrub

An invigorating, exfoliating treatment using virgin coconut oil and raw sugar cane granules uncovers gorgeous skin that feels soft and supple. Your skin will have an all over irresistible glow that demands attention! This body polish is especially good for dry, dehydrated, and non-sensitive skin.

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